Let's Run Off is a Texas-based Corporation focused on providing information, goods and services to couples thinking of having a two-person wedding. The only company of its kind on the internet, Let's Run Off offers couples information and commerce activities that enable a stress-free, intimate wedding experience.


Let's Run Off has a simple philosophy. A marriage is for life, a wedding lasts a day. This idea seems to be lost by most companies, planners and vendors in the wedding industry whose main aim is to take their share of the $35,000 that the average wedding costs when rings and the honeymoon are added to the cost of the wedding.

At Let's Run Off we believe that the wedding is all about the bride and groom. With the spiraling costs of weddings and the sea of family headaches, we thought it was about time that someone stood up and provided a service to show that there are both alternatives to the marriage mayhem, and that there are others like you…in fact many others.

Remember, it's your wedding after all…


Let's Run Off provides a number of products to couples considering an elopement or guest-free wedding. These products include wedding advice, destination services and merchandising.

For Advertisers

Let's Run Off provides a unique way for advertisers to reach their target market. Advertising opportunities take four forms: page sponsorship, banner advertising, premium listings and local listings. Each provides the advertiser a cost effective way to reach prospective leads. Advertising rates start at less than $10 a month. Contact us for specific advertising placements and rates: advertise@letsrunoff.com.