Keen, autonomous couples run off to accomplish something else, to make the wedding they need with no bargains, and to put their relationship in front of a popularized custom. Today's elopements are no more forbidden undertakings, they are upbeat amazements. Eloping is the wedding day as it was before the appearance of bridezilla, the 250 man visitor list, and the bar bill. A wedding is a day, however a marriage is until the end of time.

And while elopements have traditionally been an exclusive affair, they don't have to be. Just because you elope does not mean that family members or friends can't be with you. You can still have your father walk you down the aisle or your best friend witness your ceremony. The best part of eloping is that there are no rules!

So be proud in your decision to elope. And everything that it means. Be comforted in the knowledge that your first steps in wedded bliss can be putting the down payment on a house, or an indulgent trip of a lifetime, not paying off the $28,800 the average wedding costs today. Your decision to elope is outside of the norm, congratulations and welcome to the elopement community.