Laura & Ray's Story - My husband Ray and I met in 2004 and within months knew that we wanted to get married, but the details of the wedding really tripped us up. Despite our mutual dislike for crowds, pomp, and being the center of attention, we felt we should have a traditional ceremony and reception - complete with all our friends and family, the dress, the cake, the attendants, food, music, dancing, etc. It wasn't what either of us really wanted, but it's what you're supposed to do, right?!

Lauren & Joe's Story - It can take some couples a year to plan their wedding; it took Lauren and Joe a week. Lauren and Joe had been together for five years and knew they wanted to get married. It was important to them that their wedding was personal and focused on the ceremony; not a source of stressful, negative feelings, as is so often the case with today's wedding.

Harby & Beth Ann's Story - When Harby and Beth Ann met they both knew that they had found true love. In time honored tradition their thoughts turned to marriage. "Getting married is the most intimate promise you can make to another person" said Harby, "so we wanted to make the wedding just about us." However, like many women, Beth Ann had always wanted a classic, traditional wedding.

Susan & Mitch's Story - What do you do if you want a small and inexpensive wedding but you and your fiancé have large families? Susan and Mitch found themselves in this position when they decided to get married. Their initial immediate family guest count was over 100 people, not including friends or friends of parents.